Web App Development

Do you know? According to a research in 2019, the average US adult spent 4 hours and 56 minutes a day in front of screens mobile & desktop?

Owing to these shocking numbers, grabbing your audience via responsive web applications has become a necessity for businesses to survive and operate. With the experienced web app developers proficient in AngularJs, HTML 5, Javascript, ReactJs, VueJs, Laravel, Python, Django and our keen eye for detail, DT can deliver quality web application development services that are cost-effective, convenient to use, consistent in quality and user-friendly.

Types Of Web Development

  • Giving you the technological prowess tailored to meet your business needs. We aim to deliver flexible, engaging customized web applications which are cost-effective and deliver premium results.

  • DT experts mastered the art of delivering flawless progressive web apps (PWA) which have lately taken over the cyber landscape with increasing popularity.

  • A smart approach for smart businesses to save time and effort. However, it requires double the amount of precision and rock-solid ordination between development, UI/UX and Q/A teams. Find all that and more at DT  .

Product Engineering

We take ownership of your ideas like our own and leverage the latest technologies until we receive a desirable product. DT delivers outstanding Product Engineering services which can help you in achieving your goals for an unrivaled user-experience and satisfying your customers.

To ensure flawless product engineering services, our tech expertise encompasses technologies like cloud, web analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing


Categories of Product Engineering

SaaS Application Development

With its various benefits and application scalability, SaaS Application Development has been known to transform meek ideas into viable, successful businesses. See haow it can elevate your business model.

Lean Product Development

If you are looking to propel your idea with bursting innovation and minimize the challenges in product development, then Lean product development approach is the way to go.

Custom Application Development

The reins of development are in your hands, and you can construct the kind of app you deem fit for your business. Our specialized squad of developers can assist you in this journey of developing a tailored product.

UI/UX Designs

Did you know that 95% of first impressions are design-related?

UI/UX is the most pivotal and crucial point in any web and app development process. We allocate ample resources with years of experience to conjure the best possible UI UX design strategies to complement your business idea. All designs are made keeping the convenience of the end-user in mind all along.

Our Approach

With each business idea and its respective targeted audience, specific UI UX designs are formulated, and seamless consumer journeys are mapped out. Our designers align themselves with the developers to accentuate their hard work with complementary designs. These designs are then iteratively tested and reviewed by end-users to ensure our client’s objectives are achieved, and matchless UI UX design services are delivered.

Types of Ux Designs

UX Design

UX is the core representation of the technology you have implemented in delivering a service. With frictionless user experience, your technology automatically stands out and keeps your users hooked. Through an engaging UX, we aid your business to strategically integrate your company goals and the end user’s objectives.

UI Design

Developing a winning User Interface requires strategic planning to achieve the desired results. When we develop a successful UI, we keep in mind factors like convenience of end-user, effortless navigation, and strong visual hierarchy.