About Us

At Digital Technology (DT) we can support your small installations to multi-phase megaprojects in Technology hardware and software, Public/Private and Hybrid Cloud Engineering, Project Management, Software Development and Managed IT Services activities at all stages of the project lifecycle.

About Us

Digital Technology (DT)is a professional Technology engineering and consulting services firm with a strong focus on. Our firm is specializing in Technology, Cloud Computing, Software Development, Project Management and Managed IT Services. We are a company focused on excellence and dedicated to providing high-quality Technology, automation, measurement, engineering, and medical solutions for Government, Energy, Utilities, Health, Education and Private industries. We offer industry and technology-specific expertise to address customers unique challenges. We help them accomplish a profitable, safe, and sustainable operation through reduced project risk and solutions specific to your needs.

Why Work with Us

Over the past decade, we always listen to learn about you and your customers, what you are trying to accomplish, and the project goals. We bring you technical and application expertise along with an extensive portfolio of hardware and software. Solutions that can help you give your customers the foundation to build a plant for the future.

Your customers demand solutions that increase agility, optimize productivity, and position them for growth. Helping your customers accomplish their objectives requires new and innovative technologies. We give you highly scalable hardware and software solutions that seamlessly integrate into the tools for monitoring, reporting, and analyzing operations.

Our Goals

Our focus means that you are guaranteed the best solution for your customer goals.

We strive for excellence, integrity, honesty, and a positive work ethic towards clients, employees, and the community. Our goal is to implement solutions that produce maximum operating efficiency and value.

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