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Developing software applications that support your unique business needs and internal processes can be vital to your organization's success. Whether you are looking to leverage one of our financial software solutions to jumpstart a project or build an entirely custom software application to meet your unique business needs, Digital Technology can provide the expertise to meet your project demands.

At Digital Technology, we combine the know-how of building mission critical applications and the building blocks from our core products to help your firm develop and manage proprietary software solutions. This saves you money on development and time on delivery.


Digital Technology Consultancy Services have the skills and a wealth of experience to understand and develop people and organisations. We work with our clients to unlock their true potential, whilst optimising their performance and help them to achieve their goals.

We provide businesses with a wide range of business development solutions. Whether you are an individual, SME or operating within the corporate sector, we believe that your experience of working with us should be as positive as possible. Therefore, we focus on what your requirements are, and tailor our services accordingly. Through sharing best practices, providing mentoring, training and support, we will help your business reach its full potential.

We take the time to understand your needs carefully analysing where you are right now and where you want to be in the future and help you identify improvements that can be made and we quantify the benefits to you of making those improvements. We work with you to implement the agreed solutions. We are not here to tell you what to do but we will be the catalyst that will help you grow and make the changes you want to make


Starting from the ground up, our consultants will find the perfect network configuration for your organization. We won't over sell you on something you don't need and we won't undersell you so you have to upgrade shortly after you make an investment. Installation of your equipment will be handled in a quick and careful manner. We will work late, early, or on the weekends, to make sure your organization gets up and running when it needs to be. Configuring this hardware can be done offsite and ready to go when it arrives at your location. We have Cisco and Microsoft certified technicians that have tested proven skills that will get your equipment configured how you need it. After everything is in place our technicians will ensure that it's working how you intended it to work. If anything does go wrong we have many support avenues that we earned through our partnerships with Microsoft and Cisco. These direct lines with the biggest names in the business mean a quick solution to any problem you could ever have.

We provide network design and installation services for homes and businesses in Guyana. Whether you have a new premises or office that requires a full network solution, additional cabling or computers for your existing business network, an internet café or a new enterprise wireless solution, we will be happy to help you. We can install servers, switches, routers and firewalls; business scale Wi-Fi routers that can handle up to 150 devices; set up guest networks with filtering and timed one-use tickets; we can even install Wi-Fi in locations with no power nearby.

Solutions Provider

  • Computer Sales,  Repairs & Upgrades
    • Digital Technology specializes in malware and virus removal. All types of game system repairs and upgrades. We also offer computer upgrades to both desktop computers and laptop computers. If the hardware is failing or has failed in either your laptop computer or your desktop computer, Digital Technology offers repairs to all types of hardware for any type of laptop or desktop computer. We even repair down to the component level. We also offer custom one-off computer cases.

      We specialize in a variety of computer repair, diagnostics, maintenance and service areas as well as data recovery and remote support. Digital Technology supports Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. Our expertise ranges from upgrading and replacing hard drives, processors, motherboards, power supplies to installing and configuring operating systems, applications and optimizing system performance. We also specialize in rebuilding damaged operating systems, replacing missing system files, restoring lost data, upgrading applications and solving other complex issues like a blue screen of death.

      • Quality service is our aim at all times.
      • Every client will receive a no obligation computer repair estimate either over the phone or by e-mail. Some situations where the issue is unclear may require us to run diagnostics before we can provide a cost assessment. Diagnostic fees are credited towards the total repair cost. We never recommend a repair if it isn't cost effective.
      • All hardware replacement and upgrade cases come with an industry leading 45 day warranty on labor and parts replaced against physical defects. Manufacturer warranties are always left intact when possible. We stand by all of our repairs.
      • If we cannot repair your computer, we can help you select a new computer and transfer your data over. We'll also help you keep the new computer running well for as long as possible.
      • We have served over 3,000 clients in Guyana since 2003.
  • UPS Sales,  Repairs & Servicing
    • UPS' are crucial in helping to safeguard technical, large office, and industrial IT applications. As maintaining the proper working function of your uninterruptible power system can prevent costly downtime, Digital Technology offers the power solution to keep your system up and running. From single-phase to three-phase UPS', our factory-trained service technicians are qualified to meet your uninterruptable power systems' power protection service and power maintenance needs. To provide quality precise power protection service, Digital Technology offers an extensive range of power protection service and power system maintenance options. Digital Technology's experienced, factory-trained power service staff is on call to offer you 24/7 power protection service to get your equipment up and running as quick as possible. As part of the quality power protection service solution, Digital Technology provides high-quality engineering services, including product solutions and complete on-site installation and power system maintenance.


  • Printer Sales, Repairs & Servicing
    • Our experienced printer repair technicians will figure out the problems and fix them fast, so that you can begin printing once again. Call our customer service team today to discuss your printer service needs, we are always happy to discuss your printer issues and provide you with as much information as we can about the printer service event you are experiencing. Need help finding an error code or deciphering a sound? Need to know what it means if your prints are coming out crinkled or smudged? Are you ready to print that big presentation and only half a page is printing? We are here for you with the best laser printer service advice available. We specialize in field service or depot printer repair and resolve over 90% of all our service requests on the first visit.

      Not only can we be your printer repair service, but we supply printer toner both Original Manufacturer toner and Compatible toner cartridges. Our prices compete with the most competitive toner suppliers in the market. Our Compatible brand of toner cartridges are made by an ISO Certified manufacturer with over 40 years experience. We provide 100% satisfaction with all our toner products.

      We also can provide sales of new printers. If you are in the market for a printer call our Customer Support team, we will be happy to help you decide on which model best suits your needs and pricing that competes with that of the big box suppliers.

  • Surveillance Installation
    • Surveillance systems provide much needed security, accountability and safety in this ever-changing, often unpredictable world. At Digital Technology, we specialize in the most technologically advanced surveillance systems to accommodate the largest businesses as well as the smallest homes. We are a global leader in advanced surveillance solutions, and our inventory includes some of the most state-of-the-art equipment available today.

      Whether you're looking for a wireless security camera system or a 24-channel DVR with monitoring capabilities, Digital Technology has what you need to achieve not only maximum security, but maximum peace of mind. For people who need to secure an expansive area such as an office building or warehouse, we offer advanced all-in-one systems that include cameras and accessories. For people looking to secure a much smaller space, we offer single cameras and two-packs.
      Our cameras, recorders, bundles and accessories all come equipped with our trademark, professional-grade features. All of our products are simple to use in any environment, but manufactured with the highest engineering standards. With impeccable night vision, high resolution imaging and guaranteed reliability, you can have confidence in knowing that your security system is designed for absolute perfection.

  • Antivirus Provider
    • Good antivirus software is an invaluable tool for keeping your computer, your personal information, and the security of your friends and family safe from hackers, identity thieves, and spammers. The damage a single virus can do is astounding.

      Today's viruses have the capability to do everything from sending your personal information like credit card numbers and bank accounts to identity thieves to turning your computer into a slave that will send out spam e-mail messages, attack websites, or do pretty much anything else the virus maker wants it to. And on top of that, viruses are programmed to seek out your contacts and try to infect them as well. Odds are good that if your computer gets infected, everybody in your contacts is going to be receiving an e-mail message or IM that looks to be from you and contains the same virus you got.

      Digital Technology Group has partnered with ESET to provide our clients with proactive, fast and effective server-to-endpoint protection. There are various packages we offer:

      • ESET Endpoint Solutions - All-in-one security for endpoints combines anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-spam, two-way firewall, content filtering and remote administration.
      • Industry Solution - If your business handles sensitive personal information, compliance is a requirement. But it doesn't have to be a chore. Turn to Digital Technology for a solution that takes the worry out of HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, SOX and GLBA compliance so you can focus on what matters: keeping the business running and serving patients and customers.
      • Professional Services - ESET Professional Services complement ESET's powerful business security software solutions. Need assistance determining which ESET bundled business solution is right for your organization? Digital Technology will evaluate your environment, recommend the right-sized solution and implement a complete changeover from your former security software.
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