Contact Centre

Digital Technology Contact Center Overview

Who We Are

Digital Technology Contact Center is the near shore solutions arm of the Digital Technology Group, specializing in contact center operations. Founded in late 2015, DTCC aims to be the first contact center setup in Guyana to fully showcase Guyana’s capabilities as a contact center/near shore hub. The parent company, Digital Technology, has been an established player in the local technology industry for several years, and has a proven track record of delivering excellent services and quality top brand products to the local market.

The contact center will be state of the art, and will boast cutting edge hardware and software systems, a fully equipped operational site complete with training facilities, an operations management center hub, a large roof garden complete with restaurant services and staff bar and two production floors that can accommodate a total of 350 seats.

In addition to the physical and infrastructural solidity of Digital Technology’s center, we will be launching our center as a PCI Compliance certified partner, which is already currently in process. Digital Technology aims to be a serious player on both the local and international contact center scenes, and we believe in putting all of the fundamentals in place first. We will be investing heavily and smartly to make this a reality.

What We Do

Inbound Customer Service Solutions – We will take care of all your inbound traffic and ensure that your customers receive the best quality of customer care, and we guarantee cost-effectiveness and reliability

Email and Live-Chat Support – For all of your web-based customers who need chat support as they browse your website

Back Office Procedures – Filling out forms, processing and archiving customer records, data entry

Technical Support for Mobile Wallet and Mobile Money Services – With the advent of more mobile payment options, we recognize the fast-growing demand for mobile payment options, and we want to partner with companies who offer these services to maximize the support available and offer mobile money solutions across a wide platform of industries

Digital Technology is also open to tailoring service packages to suit client needs. We believe in flexibility, and are willing to work with our partners and clients to ensure they derive the maximum value out of doing business with us.

Why Choose Digital Technology Guyana?

  • Operations Center located in a prime spot on the East Bank of Demerara near a transportation hub
  • High-end IT infrastructure and technology resources
  • Executive body comprising of business owners with over three decades of combined IT and contact center expertise
  • We own our own operations building with full capabilities to expand as necessary
  • Comprehensive training program for employees who are recruited only after passing three levels of screening and assessment
  • Excellent work environment for employees including comfortable operations floor, recreational facilities and a roof garden restaurant/bar as a break room area with a view of the Demerara River coastline
  • We have our own power generation and power backup plant
  • Digital Technology is a Green Company
  • Already have a track record of working with the Government of Guyana on macro-scale ICT projects for the nation
  • We offer employment opportunities for Guyanese who have the will and the skill to service international clients
  • Our workforce are native English language speakers
  • Close cultural ties with the USA, Canada and UK
  • Rapidly growing and improving national ICT infrastructure (Digital Technology is involved in upgrading the country’s ICT for better commercial and private capabilities)
  • Highly skilled and efficient management team with proven track records in management
  • Long term business model with the scope for rapid expansion
  • Investment power


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