List of Current Government & Corporate Clientele


  1. Provide and support Servers, Workstations and networking solutions to various faculties and Departments.
  2. Projects include the CGX and CUPIDE projects.
  1. Procure and install a Satellite System that delivers internet access to its end users.
  2. Provide computers, servers and other related ICT equipment to various government agencies.
  3. Provide consultancy services for various projects.
  1. Supply of notebook computers and office Equipment.
  2. Servicing and maintaining the office and IT equipment.

Parliament Office of

  1. Supply computer systems and other IT related equipment to the Parliamentary Offices.
  2. Provide consultancy services on planning, designing and implementing the Parliamentary Networking Project.
Ministry of Education
  1. Supply and support computers and other related IT equipment to the Central Education Ministry and the various schools throughout Guyana.
  2. Provide networking services to various schools.
Ministry of Finance
  1. Supply and support servers, computers, routers and other related IT equipment.
  2. Upgrade and secure the ministry’s Local and Wide Area Network using the latest and reliable technologies at that time of implementation. 
Democratic Council
  1. Servicing and maintaining all on-site computers and other IT related equipment.
  1. Supply and support desktops, laptops and IT related equipment.
  1. Supply and support computers and other IT related equipment.
  2. Provide consultancy on ICT projects.
  3. Provided licensed anti-virus solutions for the entire organization.
Ministry of Health
  1. Supply IT storage equipment, desktop and notebooks Power, Server
  2. Implemented E-mail protection software.
  1. Supplied desktop systems, scanners and power protection equipment.
Region 2 Regional
Democratic Council
  1. Supplied desktop replacement parts, multi-function printers and power protection equipment.
  2. Supplied networking equipment to create a LAN solution at location.
Ministry of
Legal Affairs
  1. Supplied desktops, power protection equipment, and did maintenance of their current website.
Ministry of Tourism
  1. Supplied Thin Client solutions, power protection and IT storage equipment.
  1. Supply licensed virus protection software for their headquarters.
Ministry of Agriculture
  1. Server, NAS storage, Power protection, networking desktop computers.
  1. Implemented website redesign and all training required to ensure the project is well received and used.

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