Company Profile

Company Information and Contact Details

  • Business Name: Digital Technology Group
  • Business Address: 20 Diamond Public Road, E.B.D
  • Phone: 592-265-2932
  • Fax: 592-265-2933
  • Total number of Employees: 50
  • Number of Employees at Head Office: 10
  • Number of Store locations: 2
  • Primary Line of Business: Information Technology Solutions & Products

Management Directory

  • Mr. Krishendat Sukhu- Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms. Subrina Sukhu – Finance Director
  • Ms. Gillian Bisnauth –Operations Manager
  • Mr. Andre Reman – Corporate Sales Executive

Company Overview

Founded in 2003 by Mr. Krishendat Sukhu, the Digital Technology Group has evolved into solutions provider of Information, Communication, and Technological products and services for consumers and professional markets. Digital Technology has grown to become one of the premier technology-based companies in Guyana, and an organization known for its technical and entrepreneurial expertise that serves both the retail and corporate sectors.

The company combines more than 11 years of professional experience and integrated expertise to offer innovative and green computing solutions to the Guyana market.

Industry Information - Our Key Staff / Experience Matrix

Over the years, our clients have repeatedly told us that our key differentiation is the calibre and talents of our staff. It has always been our goal to build our reputation and solid practices by hiring the best IT professionals, driving them through rigorous industry leading certification programs and putting them to work at solving business problems.

Our staff members consist of highly educated professionals and experts employees in the fields of:

  • IT Consultants
  • Business/System Analysis
  • System Engineers
  • Telecommunications Engineers
  • DB Analysis / Administration / Design l Development
  • Net experts & Art of design coders
  • Server's Administration
  • Security experts
  • Project Management Experts
  • Certified Technicians
  • Certified Sales Staff
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